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The faster, easier, and better solution for getting into top schools. Work with your selected admissions coach to identify your top goals, build a plan, and succeed. It's really that simple.

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11th - 12th Grade

Students that join in 11th -12th Grade will identify top schools to apply to and build a plan to maximize their admission chances based on their profile.
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  • Guidance sessions with a personalized admissions coach
  • Essay editing to review their written applications and write perfect applications
  • Admissions support live chat for students to ask quick questions
  • 24/7 access to online platform with admissions resources, support tools, and planning tools

8th, 9th, or 10th Grade

Students that join in Grades 8 to 10 will define their goals while creating a plan to develop their skills and experiences to prepare them for top schools.
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  • Weekly classes to learn crucial skills and admissions topics
  • Guidance sessions with an admissions coach
  • Admissions support live chat for students to ask quick questions
    24/7 access to online platform with admissions resources, support tools, and planning tools
AdmissionPrep student with a clear plan to follow.

Get To Your Goals With A Hand-Crafted Plan Built Just For You

Admission Coaches work with students to know exactly what next steps they need to take and will guide them through big decisions such as choosing their school and programs, so students feel confident navigating the twists and turns of admissions.
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Write Applications That Make Committees Say, "Accepted"

Save time and know exactly what to write. Our team will review & edit written applications with a 24 hour turn around time. No more wondering if an essay is “good enough” - we'll review it until perfection.

Be The Student That Always Has A Plan

Get quick answers through our live chat, or get extended support through a 1-1 call with a personal admissions coach. You'll never not know what to do.

Stack Up Your Skills, Wins, And Acceptances

With an Admissions Coach, students know exactly what activities they need to focus on, what skills they need to improve and when to do it. AdmissionPrep students get into their top schools and learn skills to transition into their professional career along the way.
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Leave The Competition In The Dust

Students graduate from AdmissionPrep with enhanced planning, communication, time management, and accountability skills that support them in achieving their goals in college and beyond. AdmissionPrep achieve their admission goals and so much more along the way.
Get Started In 3-Minutes
1. Take a 3-minute assessment
Students or parents/guardians can answer a few quick questions online to see if they qualify for our program. Learn the student's chances of getting into their top school while they're at it!
2. Attend initial consultation
Book a time where the parents/guardians and student can attend. This consultation helps us asses if the student is a good fit for our program, and also lets families learn more the program and how we will craft a plan to help the student achieve their goals.
3. Enroll and begin!
Meet your admissions coach, access our admissions support platform, and begin your plan to academic success!
Student futures are a big deal. Take the assessment today and start planning for success.
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Program Pricing
Take our assessment to see if you qualify for our support. After the quiz, book a complimentary consultation with our team to learn about programs and pricing.
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Who Is The Program For?

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Students who are in grade 9-12, or any student who is looking to get accepted into top universities. All students that are studying in Canada, including permanent residents, are eligible.

What Is The Consultation For?

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The consultation will give you an idea of where you can get admitted based on your resume, academics, and experience. We will review your experience and goals and create an action-based plan for you to use to succeed as you enter your senior years. If you are a good fit for AdmissionPrep, and you’re the type of student who we can get great results with, then we will also share what AdmissionPrep's program looks like & the tuition fee to join our programs.

Is The Consultation Free?

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The call is complimentary and it is designed to give you a clear plan and an idea of the opportunities available to you. If you are a fit for our consulting programs and we think that we can help you achieve results, then we will let you know. If that’s the case, we will go over the tuition to get started. If we’re not a fit for you, we’ll be up front about that and let you know.

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