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For students to increase their odds of getting into the perfect university or college with the best application, a clear plan, and confidence that they’re on the right path.

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Go From Aspiration to Acceptance

AdmissionPrep’s education consulting programs guide students to their top schools and give them the skills, mentorship & pathways to succeed. We make sure students apply to the right institutions, get accepted, land their dream job and have success in university and beyond. Have your pick from the top schools in the world.

Build A Step-By-Step Plan For Your Goals

You need a winning strategy to conquer your academic goals, not one based on guesses. Without a clear plan, students waste time and effort on the wrong priorities, derailing their success. We work with students to craft flexible, personalized plans that empower them to achieve more. With a clear plan, students feel confident knowing that they're making progress in the right direction.
"Literally, everything that I could possibly be worrying about with university and saving money and any questions that I had have been answered by you guys. And it's been tons of fun!”
Ashleigh W.

Increase Your Odds of Acceptance

The pressure of creating an exceptional university application is immense & stressful. A subpar application could mean the difference between acceptance and rejection from your top choice school. AdmissionPrep offers expert consulting and support, ensuring your application shines and increases your chances of acceptance.
"[They] will help you reach the next level when it comes to scholarship applications, university applications, job preparation, and your future goals”
Paige I.

Achieve Your Goals, As A Student And As A Person

Navigating the complex university admissions process calls on many skills, including accountability, time management, and initiative. Develop the skills and confidence to achieve your academic goals and beyond.
"...[they] did not just improve my writing abilities and applications, but also equipped me with the skills to be a successful student”
Lauren J.

AdmissionPrep Programs

11th or 12th Grade

Students that join in 11th or 12th Grade identify top schools and build a plan to maximize their admission chances based on their profile.
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8th, 9th, or 10th Grade

Students that join in 8th, 9th, or 10th Grade build skills and experiences, and learn how to refine and define their academic goals.
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